Volume 19, No.1 (2013)


Editorial Board Vol. 19 No. 1 (2013)
Duncan Edgar Editor-in-Chief


The Cloud And The Deep Sea: How Cloud Storage Raises The Stakes For Undersea Cable Security And Liability
Lixian Loong Hantover

Oyster Mortality Due To Freshwater Diversions In The Deepwater Horizon Response Effort: Are Takings Claims Viable?
Catherine M. Janasie

A Salmon Eye Lens On Climate Adaptation
Paul Stanton Kibel

Environmental Organizations Wokring With Respect To Aquatic Nuisance Species In The Great Lakes Area
Jessica A. Lordi


The Pelagic Plastic Problem
Ciera Dye

Mayday, Mayday: Maine’s Lobstermen Need Exemption From Federal Antitrust Laws
Michael L. O’Brien