Volume 19, No.2 (2014)


Ultra Vires Land Use Regulations: A Special Case in Substantive Due Process
Daniel A. Himebaugh

High Seas and High Risks: Proliferation in a Post-9/11 World
David G. Hodges

Navigating the Takings Maze: The Use of Transfers of Development Rights in Defending Regulations Against Takings Challenges
Jennifer Scro

The Seas Are Changing: It’s Time to Use Ocean-Based Renewable Energy, the Public Trust Doctrine, And a Green Thumb to Protect Seas From our Changing Climate
Jeffrey Thaler and Patrick Lyons

Maine’s Working Waterfront: Preserving Coastal Access for the Future of Commercial Fishing and Other Water-Dependent Businesses
Melissa Donahue

Lighting Northern New England with Water: A Comparative Analysis of Wave and Tidal Hydrokinetic Energy Regulation
John Moran